Our Services and Experience

Canis et Cattus is a family business run by Jonathan and Christine Shinn. Jonathan has been surrounded by family pets since he was born and has grown up with first hand knowledge of cats and dogs, their behaviours and their needs. Jon also has a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. Christine has an NVQ Level 2 in Animal Care and has had years of experience training her own dogs within a dog club environment up to Kennel Club Gold Standard. She has also competed in Obedience at an entry level.

We have had dogs and cats for over three decades, not counting the pony, dozens of hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and mice! We have lived in the St. Stephens area of St. Albans for over 30 years so we know the area and its walks well. (As part of our services we are happy to keep you in touch with your furry friends using social media e.g. WhatsApp or even a phone call or text message if you prefer).

We also provide PET SITTING & DOG WALKING SERVICES in Cromer, Sheringham, East Runton, West Runton & Overstrand - NORTH NORFOLK. For more details please contact. Please note: Any services required for the North Norfolk area will have to be arranged in advance, further details can be provided upon request.

First Visit

We are happy to visit you at home with your pets and discuss your requirements. If you decide you would like to engage us we can discuss all the relevant information we will need concerning your pet and their welfare. This will require a few essential forms to be completed. If you would like your dog walked or dog(s)/cat(s) visited on a regular basis we can formalise arrangements. If you wish to engage us on an occasional basis we are happy to try to meet your requirements. We are flexible and willing to ‘step into the breach’ if the need arises.

Our first visit is completely free of charge.

Dog Walking

Your dog matters to us as much as our own do. We know it’s a special relationship and we treasure that. We think your dog deserves as much attention as you give him or her. So we only walk dogs in small groups at a maximum of three at any one time. We also specialise in one to one or Solo walking and are happy to walk a dog that may require that, or if it is your preference. We will never let your dog off lead unless we have your express written permission to do so, and are totally confident that your dog will recall safely.

Group Walks: Introducing new Dogs

When a new dog is added to any group walks, we understand that your pet will need to get along with other owners’ animals. This means that the first two Dog Walks will be solo so that we can get to know your dog and to assess how your pet reacts in different environments.

You will only be charged the group walk price for this assessment.

However, if we feel after the assessment that your dog is not currently suitable for a group walk, we will suggest continuing with Solo Walking at the appropriate rate. We are happy to discuss and explore further options to suit you and your dog.

Cat and Dog Sitting and Visits – including Golden Oldies and Puppies

Young and old animals require a similar service in many ways. We understand the needs of old animals as well as young ones. We also appreciate that dogs in particular can get anxious when left for extended periods of time. You may find that you have to leave a pet much longer than normal and need someone to check on them, feed them, fill water bowls, and let them out to relieve themselves, as well as general attention and play. We are happy to do this and will try to accommodate you at short notice if necessary. We can provide a comprehensive pet sitting service if required covering you for extended periods of time away from your house.

Keeping in Touch using Social Media

We will send you pictures or videos of your pets when they are in our charge by using a secure encrypted messaging application such as WhatsApp if you wish, to give you peace of mind. We would love to add pictures of the pets we look after on our social media platforms but would never do so without your permission. We are aware of the requirements of data protection and GDPR.
(See our Privacy Policy.)


We are both DBS (CRB) checked and hold appropriate insurance policies which include public liability, dog walking, pet sitting services and key holding. If we hold your keys they will be kept securely and not be readily identifiable to your property. We do not wear livery as we think it advertises your absence and attracts unwanted attention to your animals.

We do not collect any information on you by default. Please review our privacy policy to understand how we handle your data.

Privacy Policy

“We” refers to "Canis et Cattus"
“You” refers to you, the user of our services

What do we collect from you:

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How do we handle collected information:

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Access to your information:

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Third party websites

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Third party services

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  • We are unable to ensure the privacy of data transmitted as we do not have end-to-end control in the sending and/or receiving of it.
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